Nicola Perry

, Ireland

Nicola is the Chairperson of the Hepatitis C Partnership, and the Manager of Community Response Ltd, a Primary Alcohol & Liver Health Service in the South Inner City of Dublin. She has an academic background in Psychology, specifically Organisational Psychology, and studied in London and Dublin. Nicola has worked with groups from marginalised backgrounds for the last 20 years, in the UK and Ireland. She worked in residential treatment for opiate users, and on reintegration programmes for people who use drugs, and the homeless. She formerly worked for Merchants Quay Ireland with HIV support and opiate dependency, and also worked with HIV in Dublin AIDS Alliance. She has been involved in Local Drugs Task Forces for over ten years, and has been involved with several grass roots initiatives with marginalised groups. She has a specific interest in blood borne viruses, especially Hepatitis C and sees peer support and other collaborative work as the way towards making Hep C a rare disease. The impact of stigma and discrimination on the quality of life are also significant areas of interest. She has been involved in several published research papers and studies, nationally and internationally.


Access to care in precarious populations (awareness, stigma, self-stigma) 15 April 2018 10:00 - 10:15