Mala Maini

Mala Maini is a Professor of Viral Immunology in the Division of Infection and Immunity at UCL, London, Deputy Head of Department and also works as a Consultant Physician in the viral hepatitis clinic. After completing her specialist medical accreditation in 1995 she obtained an MRC Clinical Training Fellowship, leading to a PhD on T cell clonality and senescence in 1998. In 2002 she was awarded an MRC/Academy of Medical Sciences Tenure-track Clinician Scientist Fellowship, and built up her own group working on the immunopathogenesis of hepatitis B.In 2009 she was promoted to a Personal Chair and in 2013 awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award. Her lab is at the forefront internationally of research on liver immunity and immunopathology, focusing on cellular interactions in viral hepatitis. See:


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