Meet the Experts: Is screening for HCC recurrence cost-effective after liver transplantation. Do we need to perform HCC screening after liver transplantation?

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Meet the Experts
11 April 2019 08:30 - 09:20

Questions for discussion: 

  • After liver transplantation for HCC, what is the incidence of HCC recurrence on average ?
  • After liver transplantation for HCC, how prediction of recurrence can be refined based on preLT evaluation ?
  • What does predict survival following post-transplant HCC recurrence ?
  • Do you believe that therapeutic interventions can modify the prognosis of HCC recurrence after LT ?
  • Do you believe that screening for HCC recurrence after LT should be: 
    • Considered as futile because cost-ineffective
    • Systematic
    • Adjusted to the risk of recurrence
  • In the case of a single site HCC metastasis post LT do you consider: 
    • External beam radiotherapy
    • Aggressive surgical management
    • Sorafenib
    • A switch from CNI to m TOR inhibitors-based immunosuppression
    • Best supportive care