Meet the Experts: Kidney failure after liver transplantation

 General hepatology
 Liver transplant and surgery

Stolz 1
Meet the Experts
13 April 2019 08:00 - 08:50

Questions for discussion:


  • What is the prevalence of post-LT severe AKI requiring RRT? What is the role of RRT on post-LT survival?
  • What are the donor/recipient risk factors for severe post-LT AKI?
  • Is there an association between pre-LT HRS and post-LT AKI/kidney failure?
  • How can we manage immunosuppression in patients with early post-LT AKI?
  • Could renal function early after LT be influenced by DCD donors?


  • How we can manage IS in patients with CDK/ESRD in the long-term follow-up?
  • Apart from immunosuppression related effects, what are the possible causes of CKD/ESRD after LT
  • Should the use of renal biopsy be useful in selected cases?
  • Could ESRD be a main issue in the long-term follow-up after pediatric liver transplantation?