Meet the Expert: Achieving alcohol abstinence

 Metabolism, alcohol and toxicity
 Public health

West 4
Meet the Experts
12 April 2018 17:00 - 17:50

Questions for discussion: 
1) How to treat the cirrhotic patient?
2) How to improve treatment rates? (in DK less than 10% of those who are eligible for alcohol rehabilitation treatment actually receives such treatment)
3) Should ALD patients receive treatment by hepatologists or addiction specialists?
4) Which treatments should we use as first and second choice:
-In patients with cirrhosis?
-In patients free of cirrhosis?
5) Biomarkers of drinking: ethyl glucuronide. Is there a place for their use in hepatology? (e.g. Transplant centers)
6) Which are the best strategies to raise a fruitful discussion on alcohol?
7) How should we monitor abstinence in patients with ALD?
8) Some patients come with their relatives. Is there a role for them? How should we manage this?
9) Achieving abstinence: what can we expect from drugs and what is the relevance of the doctor?