Skills in hepatology: Dissecting meaning and role of elastography in liver disease

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West 3
11 April 2018 08:00 - 09:30

EFSUMBThis symposium is organised in collaboration with EFSUMB. 
Liver elastography has become of utmost importance for hepatologists. There is probably no liver-patient attending a liver-clinic who does not undergo assessment of liver elasticity. Also during follow up liver elasticity outcome will guide the clinician in determining prognosis and treatment. During this symposium the essentials and innovations will be discussed. Most experience up till now has been with transient elastography: this method has been thoroughly evaluated and all liver physicians should have easy access to it. The same physical principle is implemented in regular ultrasound machines; different types of shear wave elasticity are available. Albeit promising it is the question whether these shearwave elastography techniques and transient elastography can be used together or are complementary. And, should elastography be reserved for viral hepatitis only, where experience is most abundant; or can elastography be used in all kinds of liver diseases. Elasticity means stiffness, which is more than just fibrosis. It is the summation of the basic liver structure, the filling of the vascular and biliary system, and the possible presence of inflammation and/or fibrosis. So even when the basic structure has changed only –like in adenomas or FNH- elastography should pick up the changes.

In this symposium the ‘known knowns’ will be summarized”: the current experience. The speakers will elaborate on the known unknowns: what should be done to clarify the similarities and  differences between the available techniques. Last, unknown unknowns will be discussed: what can be the role of liver elasticity assessment when the amount of fibrosis is not of primary interest.


Welcome and Introduction
11 April 2018 08:00 - 08:05

Transient elastography, essential part of liver diagnostics and follow up
Laurent Castera , France
11 April 2018 08:05 - 08:25

Shearwaves: the exchangeable or complementary method to measure elasticity?
Mireen FRIEDRICH-RUST , Germany
11 April 2018 08:25 - 08:45

Can elastography be used in all liver diseases?
Matteo Rosselli , United Kingdom
11 April 2018 08:45 - 09:05

Elastography is more than just fibrosis measurement
Giovanna Ferraioli , Italy
11 April 2018 09:05 - 09:25

Remarks and conclusions
11 April 2018 09:25 - 09:30