Meet the Experts: Hepatitis B: Which new drugs are in development and how do they work?

 Viral hepatitis

Stolz 2
Meet the Experts
13 April 2019 12:30 - 13:20

Questions for discussion:
  • What can we expect from orally applicable, directly acting antivirals (NUCs, entry inhibitors, capsid assembly modulators, release inhibitors)?
  • Do we need a combination of directly acting antivirals? Will they have the potential to “cure” HBV and allow stopping therapy?
  • Will we need to combine direct antivirals and immune based strategies?
  • Which contribution do we expect from pattern recognition receptor agonists (i.e. TLR/RIG-I/STING agonists)?
  • Are therapeutic vaccines a promising approach?
  • Will siRNA be of help for HBV cure? Is a s.c. application clinically acceptable?
  • What is the most promising combination?