Meet the Experts: Pharmacotherapy in NAFLD - which endpoints to use in everyday practice?

 Metabolism, alcohol and toxicity

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Meet the Experts
14 April 2019 10:30 - 11:20

Questions for discussion: 

  • What is important to improve: steatohepatitis or fibrosis? 
  • What should be the ultimate objective in treating non-cirrhotics with NASH? and in treating cirrhotics? 
  • Is steatohepatitis important for the progression of the disease? 
  • Is 1 stage fibrosis reversal important for prevention of cirrhosis? 
  • Would a treatment that targets fibrosis have sustainable efficacy? 
  • Would a treatment that controls insulin resistance result in fibrosis improvement? 
  • How important is the control of metabolic comorbidiites in preventing liver disease progression? 
  • Can liver biopsy be replaced by non-invasive tools for the selection of patients to be treated? for assessment of treatment response? 
  • How good are non invasive markers of fibrosis to predict an antifibroitc response? what is the optimal way to follow the antifibrotic response with current serum based or imaging methods? 
  • How important is the heterogeneity of NASH in different subpopulations and does that justify personnalized therapy?