Meet the Experts: How to manage the chronic hepatitis Delta?

 Viral hepatitis

Stolz 2
Meet the Experts
11 April 2019 17:00 - 17:50

Questions for discussion:

The current therapy for chronic hepatitis D (CHD) is Peg Interferon. EASL guidelines recommend 12 months therapy with Peg-IFN alfa 2 a.180 mcg /week.

Efficacy is limited in HDV genotype 1, may be better in genotype 3 and 5.

  • What should be achieved with Peg-IFN?
  • What is realistically achieved ?
    1. normal ALT
    2. undetectable HDV RNA
    3. HBsAg loss
    4. normal ALT and undetectable HDV RNA
    5. improvement of liver fibrosis
  • Why is CHD difficult to treat ?
  • Which are the best candidates to respond to Peg-IFN therapy?
  • How should therapy be managed?
  • Are there alternatives for the many patients who cannot be treated or have no response to Peg-IFN?

New antiviral drugs in development targeted to deprive the HDV of the HBsAg function provided by the partner HBV, necessary to the HDV life cycle

What is the therapeutic perspective of:

  1. REP 2139
  2. Lonafarnib
  3. Myrcludex B