Meet the Experts: Management of immunosuppression in AIH

 Cholestasis and autoimmune

Stolz 2
Meet the Experts
12 April 2019 14:00 - 14:50

Questions for discussion:
  • How intensive should be initial steroid dosing?
  • What constitutes insufficient response?
  • How to proceed in apparent azathioprine-intolerance?
  • How to titrate the best maintenance dose of immunosuppression?
  • When to try tapering out all immunosuppression?
  • How to interpret autoantibody positivity?
  • Are they special considerations in the treatment of children and adolescents?
  • How to address the problem of non-adherence?
  • Should histological remission be assessed before considering cessation of treatment?
  • What second line treatment to use for poor responders?