Meet the Experts: Acute liver failure

 General hepatology

Stolz 1
Meet the Experts
14 April 2019 10:30 - 11:20

Questions for discussion:
  • What is acute liver failure 
  • What makes it different to AoCLF and why is it important
  • How do we deal with Wilsons disease
  • How do we deal with HBV flair, alcoholic hepatitis or autoimmune with a cirrhotic background
  • Who and when should we discuss / transfer to a transplant centre – should all be transferred 
  • Prognostic models and changing scenario / contexts 
  • Does living related and aetiology change our decision process 
  • What fluid / what Hb level / when to give FFP / platelets etc 
  • Which vasopressor 
  • When to add renal replacement therapy 
  • When to feed when to limit intake when to aim a negative fluid balance
  • When to consider PE, when to consider other options of support eg adsorbents, ECMO 
  • Infection and issues in ALF
  • Should transplantation be viewed as success or failure 
  • Long term follow up